My conventional work experience and future outlook

Hello. I am Akiko Hori, a Shihoshoshi lawyer in Japan.
Thank you for reading this.

Before I went to London, I had been also self-employed.

I prepared the documents needed to register the setting up of small businesses, submitted the applications to the Legal Affairs Bureau, and helped the owners to set up a company that meets their requirements as closely as possible. I also provided advice about legal matters related to company operations.

I handled procedures for the purchase and inheritance of land and building assets and the registration of mortgages and leases over them.

I represented people who were struggling with multiple debts not exceeding ¥1.4 million (about£1,000) owed to credit companies in the Summary Court, and negotiated an out-of-court settlement.
I managed the pre-trial proceedings relating to compensation, loan agreements, consumer protection, labor and poverty issues including the collection of evidence, introducing the action, and initiating the appeal procedure to the Summary Court.

I prepared written complaints and replies, petitions for arbitration, and other judicial documents.
I also prepared documents for procedures related to divorce and other family disputes as well as the preservation or seizure of assets.

I wrote two books about the trust system (Publisher: Shin-nihon houki (Mar 2009)). and procedures of Commercial Registration Act (Publisher: Shin-nihon houki (May 2010)).

Now I am back to Tokyo, Japan and became self-employed again but at this time, I want to be a more specialist of property and commercial law. I started my legal practice and will establish it.

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