The history about Shiho-shoshi lawyer

Hello. I am Akiko Hori, a Shihoshoshi lawyer in Japan.
Thank you for reading this.

In Japan, when you consider legal advice, many people wonder who is the right lawyer to seek for advice. Even Japanese people get confused as there are different types of lawyer in Japan.

Bengoshi lawyer (Attorney)
Shiho-shoshi lawyer
Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer

Some lawyers say they are a Solicitor or Barrister in Japan but the Japanese professional system is unique and that is not correct to translate from Japanese lawyer directly to Solicitor or Barrister.

The scrivener (Shihoshoshi Lawyer) system was created by the Legal Structure of Jurisdictions Act (3.8.1872) alongside the legal representative (Bengoshi lawyer) and the notarial systems.
Originally a Scrivener particularly assisted people by drafting court documents.
After that, in enforcing the Registration Act (1.2.1887), a scrivener drew and represented clients in relation to registration documents appointed by the Court of Justice for property and a legal entity.
In comparison, a Gyosei-shoshi Lawyer files governmental licenses and permits.

Recently by the revised Judicial Scriveners Act,(1.4.2003), a Shihoshoshi lawyer who is accredited by the Minister of Justice can represent individuals or organisations in a civil case in a Summary Court.
To do so, a Shihoshoshi lawyer must pass the licensing examination.

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