1. Introduction ~Indonesia Overview ~

Indonesia is friendly toward Japan, whose relationship with Indonesia is long-standing. The acceptance of foreign students and trainees and exchanges through various training programmes are both thriving.

In recent years, not only national governments but local ones are keen to promote product exhibitions, tourist attractions, human resource exchanges and educational exchanges.

According to a BBC international poll, Indonesian people are favourably disposed toward Japanese people. Indonesia is second in the world for Japanese language learners and in future a significant further increase in people-to-people exchange is expected.

Indonesia is an island country consisting of about 13,500 islands. Its population is approximately 240 million and there exist more than 300 ethnic groups. Generally, their national character is modest and tolerant. They have closely united society, motivated by such feelings as kindness and caring for others.

Indonesia’s national principle is to unite and integrate the nation:
Pancasila (originally from Sanskrit) comprises five principles.
1. Belief in the one and only God.
2. Just and civilized humanity.
3. The unity of Indonesia.
4. Democracy.
5. Social justice.

About 90% of Indonesian people believe in Islam, but Islam is not the state religion and freedom of religion such as Christianity or Buddhism is guaranteed to.

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika (originally from Old Javanese) is the official national motto of Indonesia translated as “Unity in Diversity”.

Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia and has played an important role in uniting the country

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