My idea about Education

I myself started studying English when I was adult. Studying has been enjoyable but it was tough to master. First of all, accent is different. I work hard to improve it but it seems impossible as my mother tongue already fully developed.

When I see my child, he is very flexible and deft. He was born in London and he went to a local nursery. He was taking English shower almost all the time. Even though he came back Japan,  I sent him to an English nursery.

However unfortunately nobody around me understand why I do like that. Some criticise my child gets confused learning 2 languages at the same time and others say he must follow Japanese rule.

I believe children’s potential intelligence and when he gets older, English becomes much more common language and using English is essential.

I want to give him every opportunity that I can give and if he throws it as he gets older, that would be his choice.

As a working mother, I strongly hope that a lot of children have an equal opportunity to learn. Not only English but other stuff.