Japanese Model Articles of Associaiton Part 1

PART 1 General Provisions

(Trade name)
The Company shall be called ABC Kabushiki Kaisha indicating ABC Corporation in English.

The objects of the Company shall be to engage in the following business.
(1) Real estate consulting services
(2) Real estate purchase and sale, brokerage, leasing and management
(3) Management consultancy
(4) Educational business
(5) Support for studying in Japan and Overseas
(6) The business of providing workers
(7) Transportation business
(8) Travel services
(9) Translation services
(10) Insurance agency business
(11) Construction business
(12) General leasing business
(13) Care Support services
(14) All matters relating to the conduct of any business stated in any of the preceding items.

(Location of head office)
The Head office of the Company shall be located in Chuoku, Tokyo.

(Method of giving public notices)
Public notices by the Company shall be given in Kanpo, the official gazette.