No matter what people say, I want to accept my heart, mind, philosophy and purity.

I am uncomfortable at being called a teacher.

At least we should be happy if we have enough food and a place to live, but in reality we need a certain amount of money in order to live and eat.

I am working hard to earn the minimum amount of money to live on. A Japanese saying is that meat and cloth make the man, and I think it is right.

If there is a God and God determines that my life is sincere enough, I want to have some time put what belongs to me in good order.

I want to live my life causing the least possible annoyance to other people.

Stand up for myself

The concept of happiness varies from a person to a person and, according to research published in the World Happiness Report, Japan is only in 46th place for happiness.

Human desire never ends, and it is unlikely that a person will ever fulfill their one true desire. Money is important, but I hate the idea that someone should spend their time concerned only with what he wants to do, to buy, to use and to get with money.

We can never know what will happen tomorrow, so that I want to value family, friendship, relationship with others and fellowship to increase the happiness of my mind.

I don’t think that having a good relationship with friends, colleagues and family in this present place and current time is a coincidence.
I don’t like to be glad or sad by turns through evaluating people or comparing myself with others.