What are the benefits when a Shihoshoshi Lawyer undertakes the procedure of forming the company?

There are many benefits in asking a Shihoshoshi Lawyer to help to set up a company.

– To create the Articles of Incorporation smoothly.
– To act in the authentication of Articles of Incorporation and establishing the registration of a company.
– To advise about the proper implementation of the chosen investment method.
– To do a legal check on an agreement of an office rental and various business agreements because of their extensive legal knowledge.
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about the acquisition of visa. 1)
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about various tax office and social insurance office authorizations.

When you delegate to a Shihoshoshi Lawyer by a comprehensive Power of Attorney, that Shihoshoshi Lawyer can act for you in all legal procedures, such as an contract to rent an office, to acquire a visa and in various submissions about setting up a company to administrative agencies.

When you start a business in Japan, a Shihoshoshi Lawyer, the national qualified professional will support you fully.

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Legal Advice for Business in Japan

How do we conduct the procedures for setting up a company?

You need to prepare many formal documents and fill in application forms, such as an authenticated Articles of Incorporation, authenticated signatures of an investor and a director and a certification of the investment.

Business in Japan is conducted in Japanese, rarely in English. As the saying “when in Rome, do as the Romans do.”, you will not be able to proceed with negotiations with various institutions smoothly if you don’t follow Japanese business rules.

Even Japanese people struggle with the procedures to set up a company on their own and that there is a national professional qualified to set up a company in Japan, which is the Shihoshoshi Lawyer.

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Legal Advice for Business in Japan

How long does it take to set up a company?

After authentication of the Articles of Incorporation and investment performance, you can submit the application (Establishment Registration) to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

After submission, the examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau will generally end a week or two weeks later.

When the application process is completed, a Registration Certificate for the company will be issued. Anyone can ask for the certificate, and the certificate that proves the existence of a company in Japan ensures the reliability of the transaction.

When you start a business with a company, you can investigate the company by inspecting the certificate at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

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Legal Advice for Business in Japan

How much is the minimum capital to set up a company in Japan?

You are able to set up the company a minimum of one yen as a capital, but would you want to do business with a company whose capital is one yen?

Its credibility is doubtful, and it might soon be insolvent so that it is recommended that you have sufficient capital.

To do business in Japan, you should be prepared to invest about 5 million yen capital. This investment can include not only cash but also property, such as real estate, cars and credit.