What are the benefits when a Shihoshoshi Lawyer undertakes the procedure of forming the company?

There are many benefits in asking a Shihoshoshi Lawyer to help to set up a company.

– To create the Articles of Incorporation smoothly.
– To act in the authentication of Articles of Incorporation and establishing the registration of a company.
– To advise about the proper implementation of the chosen investment method.
– To do a legal check on an agreement of an office rental and various business agreements because of their extensive legal knowledge.
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about the acquisition of visa. 1)
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about various tax office and social insurance office authorizations.

When you delegate to a Shihoshoshi Lawyer by a comprehensive Power of Attorney, that Shihoshoshi Lawyer can act for you in all legal procedures, such as an contract to rent an office, to acquire a visa and in various submissions about setting up a company to administrative agencies.

When you start a business in Japan, a Shihoshoshi Lawyer, the national qualified professional will support you fully.

For more information
Shihoshoshi Lawyer Akiko HORI

Legal Advice for Business in Japan

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