A Happy New Year in 2017

A fresh New Year has just started.

I always think every day has a fresh start to it so that I don’t very much care about the New Year but I like the Japanese proverb “Decisions made on New Year’s Day are the key to a successful year.”

What I think about on New Year’s Day is the past.
I wonder what my life would have been if I hadn’t become a lawyer.

Many people applaud me because I am smart but I only graduated from Junior College (only a two year course) and when I entered the Junior College, I had only taken the interview, not a test paper.
When I was a high school student, I hated calculation and I only studied maths calculations, not written maths questions and passed just a little higher than the borderline.
Even when I become old enough, I failed the Financial Planner examination and I am still not good at multiplication.

All the time I was studying law, I strongly believed in myself, that I was good and I could make every effort to progress, and I inspired myself.

My confident idea is that:
Anybody can be discouraged.
Everybody has drawbacks.
Anybody can feel unhappy.
Nobody has any big differences from others.

When I use the words above, some people say I have anything and I look down ordinary people.
I feel a little sad when I hear something like that but I cannot blame them.
It is arrogant if I expect others to take account my thoughts.
All I can do is to look after myself and decide for myself.

It is more than enough if I am confident about my life and I do my best when making my decisions.

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