Japanese property system – Post-completion

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After completion of the registration of the ownership:Post-completion

1.  Certificate for Registration Identification(登記識別情報)

When the Legal Affairs Bureau has completed the registration of the ownership, a Certificate for Registration Identification is given to a person entitled to register it.
This document identifies who is a rightful legal owner and as a proof of ownership, the PIN code is provided.

The PIN code shall be specified based on a combination of Arabic figures and other numbers for each real property and an applicant who has become a registered right holder.
The PIN code is sealed because it is strictly personal and it has never changed by a person.

Before 7th March 2005, Registration Identification was a stamp which was sealed by the Legal Affairs Bureau but the PIN code replaced now.
However the Identification document already issued is still valid and it is needed in case an owner of the real property sells the registered property.


2.  Registration system

The Registered ownership is a continuous record showing when the real property was first registered and all later purchases and sales, changes, division of the real property and so on. Now the system is computerised and the data is restored in the back-up computer system from time to time, so that to see all registration records, keeping track of the registered record is needed.

Property registration shall be made with regard to a physical description of real property or with regard to the following rights relating to the preservation, establishment, transfer, alteration, or extinction of a right.

1. Ownership
2. Superficies (Surface rights)
3. Farming right
4. Private easement (Servitude)
5. Priority privilege (Statutory lien)
6. Pledge
7 Mortgage
8. Lease
9. Mining right (Right of quarrying)

Lease right can be registered but traditionally and historically many owners of the land in Japan are not willing to register Lease right at the Legal Affairs Bureau and Lease right for the purpose of building ownership is governed by Act on Land and Building Leases. Practically the owner of the land and Lease Right holder are following the Act.


3. Notice of the acquisition tax

The tax payment notice of the acquisition tax takes time to be delivered to the registered owner. It generally takes about 4 to 6 months after the completion. The notice is issued from the local tax authority, which has jurisdiction over the area where the real property is located. The owner makes the payment at bank.


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