The purpose of the property registration system in Japan

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The purpose of the property registration system in Japan is to secure the rights to real property by providing for a registration system to be made to notify the public of real property descriptions and rights, thereby contributing to safe and smooth conduct of transactions.


In terms of safe and smooth property transactions, the kind of right that is established in the property is crucial, so the property registration system provides the information concerning property rights below specifying description of the property, the full name(s) of the person(s) and address(es).

1. Ownership
2. Superficies (Surface rights)
3. Farming right
4. Easement (servitude)
5. Priority privilege (Statutory lien)
6. Pledge
7 Mortgage
8. Right of lease
9. Mining right (Right of quarrying)

Registration identification is issued when a holder of a registered right files an application for real property rights, which an identification code is provided in order to confirm that said registered right holder files an application for the registration, with which the registered right holder can be identified.

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