The process of buying real property in Japan

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Step 1.
The intending seller appoints a real estate agent and the intending purchaser looks for a suitable property through an agent. The real estate agent can either act for both seller and buyer or just the seller.


Step 2.
Once the buyer finds a suitable property, they conduct their own due diligence, including whether the price is fair. The intending purchaser (or agent) sends a Letter of Intent as part of the negotiation of price. This is not legally binding.

I provide consulting services for the purchase and sales of real property in Japan.

I research the registration of both company and property on the official record basis, and report it in English. When required, I research the recent property record from the website below.

Public transaction record is available in English.


Step 3.
Once the price and any other conditions are agreed, a Real Estate Purchase and Sales Agreement and an Important Disclosure Statement for the property will be prepared by the seller. Broadly speaking, the parties are free to draw up a contract in any form they choose. The buyer should arrange to have the deposit 10% of the purchase price ready for when the contract is signed.


Step 4.
The buyer and seller (or authorised agents) sign the contract, which will specify a date for settlement of the balance of payment. The Important Disclosure Statement will be provided either at this time or some time before settlement.


Step 5.
On the Settlement date, the impartial Shihoshoshi lawyer deals with the property rights transfer and the outstanding balance of the purchase price (and any costs) is settled. The seller will also hand over various original documents related to the property. It is also possible for the buyer to appoint their own lawyer

I make sure that the transfer of real property on agreed terms is carried out correctly.

I hope the information is useful.
I will update every Monday.

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Shihoshoshi Lawyer
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