Real property in Japan and Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals

Regarding restrictions on foreign ownership of real property vary from country to country, but Japan is a country which falls into the unregulated category.

Up to now, with respect to the purchase of real property in Japan, the number of people who purchase real property in Japan has steadily increased because of the Tokyo Olympics and the weaker yen.
Popular options are to own apartments or commercial buildings in central Tokyo,  and resort properties in Niseko, Hokkaido.

In Japan, there are no restrictions on non-Japanese purchasing real property regardless of their immigration status, such as permanent residence, nationality, or visa type. The taxation for non-Japanese has no difference from the one for Japanese.

There is no time limit on owning real property, an owner can be freely bought and sold, and can be inherited. However, importantly the inheritance tax or estate tax should be considered.

In principle, there is no visa, such as Tier 1 investor visa (UK) or EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (US). However, if you have a rental property in Japan with stable income, there is a possibility to be granted permanent residency under the “Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals” system.

The problem would be a language barrier, but please feel free to contact me in English when buying or selling real property in Japan.

“Highly-Skilled Foreign Professionals”



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