A Guide about share capital for private limited companies in Japan.

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The world economy has been hit by the worst economic contraction in its modern history as the coronavirus closed businesses and dampened consumer spending. However, The Japanese style is still a popular culture, and I found a new word, “Japandi” on Cambridge Words website. Some international investors keep saying to me that Japan still has a growing business potential in terms of the safety and security of the country and the power of private consumption.

Share capital is not linked to how much the company is worth, but investors must pay the company the full amount of their share capital. Because of trading activities, Japanese Yen is the most popular choice, but payment can be made in foreign currency. The exchange rate should be considered in case of foreign currency remittance, and the exchange rate shall be calculated on the payment day.

The legal affairs bureau will look over to validate the information contained in the Statement of Capital for each company registration.

A private limited company needs at least one shareholder for KK or member for GK, who can be a director.

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