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Humans have history, culture and languages. Some people have a religion and a belief as a source of their emotional support. However, many people get easily confused, because so much information is circulating with the development of modern mass media and internet technology, and the world seems in turmoil.

Due to our intelligence, humans tend to compare themselves to others, not only parents, siblings, relatives neighbors and people at school and work, but also celebrities in news, TV programmes, social media and magazines. There is a wide range of comparisons to be targeted. The internet is a useful tool, but we tend to pick up the information that we agree with, and we are unconsciously influenced by someone else’s opinion that represents what we think.

I always wonder whether we could have chosen the way of our birth, such as time, place, race, and class, when we were born. It would be hard to answer, because such a fact would happen by coincidence. Thus, all we have to do is to confront those coincidences and find a way that we can act. Basically, there are not many things we can do by ourselves. This is because there are other people in society. Life would be easy if we could turn away from the unpleasant facts in front of us and choose only what is good for us. However, such a choice is impossible in reality. There are so many people who have different perspectives. There are many fields, such as agriculture, healthcare, transportation, distribution, real estate, science, manufacturing, educational services, etc. and all of us are a member of the public.

Only you can do is to change the way you think as you can do it alone. If what you’re thinking about now is suffering and hatred, I suggest that you look at those with a third person’s eyes. Hypothetically, if others behaved in a troubling way, that you would think would not be nice, and those people are putting a burden on their mind, and you are the person who must carry it. This burden on the mind leads to stress, and stress leads to physical and mental illness.

If the situation doesn’t change, you have to change, which is to accept your circumstances and give up the negative thoughts you cling to and liberate yourself with as much determination as you are able.

The key to having peace of mind is to let what you are going through now become an experience, and to motivate yourself. That’s essential to living in a peaceful life.

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