Technology and the important things in life.

Japanese business start-up consultant

Modern technology affects our lives in many ways, such as entertainment, working life and health, but in terms of the time we spend, time for entertainment and working life has utterly changed our society, culture and habits.

Firstly, many people are working during the daytime, especially for the working-age population, because the generation has held our economy. Traditionally, many people commuted to their workplace and consumed plenty of time for work in the 20th century, but nowadays we are more flexible thanks to the Internet and digital progress. Even though people are far away, they can meet up online, and many contracts are exchanged by emails, so they don’t need to travel in person.

However, regardless of the flexibility above, we become busier because of social networking, mobile applications and searching the Internet. Fast growing computer systems prevents us from talking face-to-face. The younger generation suffers from mental problems and feels isolated from the society. Even though a family stays at the same house, they communicate with chat messaging services.

Last but not least, technology makes our lives more convenient and time-efficiency, but in return, we give up the time for directly communicating with each other, which causes mental problems and social discrimination. We should not ignore these signs, and should take into account the balance between reliance on technological development and traditional quality of life.

Akiko HORI

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