Working environments

Japanese business start-up consultant

Due to the Covid-19, the world, including our working lifestyle has been changing.

Employees used to spend long hours at their workplace, but many are now working from home. The meaning of an office is also changing. However, a good working environment is critical, because a business and ultimately society consist of people. As employers who manage their workforce, establishing good communications in their workplaces is the first priority and making employees feel valued as people is topped up.

Firstly, communication is a basic and general connection for humans because we are social creatures. While people are secure at their working places, they nicely talk and voluntarily help each other. However, once a conflict occurs, they don’t communicate much, and since then, the profit has been likely to get worse.

Secondly, humans are all different, and when they conduct a project as a team, there are many ways to achieve a goal. When a person recognises different ideas, thoughts and ways, they can respect each other and accept various approaches. The brain-storming methods among colleagues result in better profits and consequences. That is the true meaning of the value for human relationship.

I must say, employers owe a social responsibility as managers of organisations, but it is not possible to achieve two things at the same time, and step-by-step procedures lead to the firm and certain society. Making employees feel valued as people is essential, but it is hard to achieve this without communication. Smooth communication comes first and the value as people are closely related to it.

司法書士堀明子 – HORIakiko –
司法書士 / ビジネスコンサルタント / ライフ・コーチ
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer / Business consultant / Life coach

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