Keep contact between family members

Japanese business start-up consultant

Most years, there are so many fireworks, and people in the streets going from house to house, but it was right that this should have been quiet New Year’s days, as there is not much to celebrate with so many new infections. The numbers of new cases in these last few days are very worrying.

It might not be appropriate to say at this moment, but I think it is a right time to talk about wishes after death and treatment at the difficult moment because we are generally very busy working, planning and having pastimes, but all of us are mortal, so it is important to let families and friends know what to do.

My father had suffered Parkinson’s disease for more than 15 years, but he always said that he wanted to live long, and I suppose that is humans’ instinct. I believe my family did out best. We organised to access important documents and tidy up them.

Life is full of precious moments. It’s incredibly important to do those conversations as well as everyday chatting.

司法書士堀明子 – HORIakiko –
司法書士 / ビジネスコンサルタント / ライフ・コーチ
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer / Business consultant / Life coach

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