The balance of our lives – Reality and talent TV shows

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Nowadays, there are many different reality and talent TV shows. There are various views on these shows among TV viewers. Although it is fun to watch, it seems to me that these programmes produce the dumbing-down generation, in which especially children and adolescents are caught up in the idea that anyone can become famous.

Many early TV shows were surreal, which provided a fantasy or a view of escapism, but ones in recent years tend to fall in reality and talent TV shows whose aims are to attract many viewers. Because of this tendency, people, especially the young are fascinated by the idea that they can also achieve the similar fame one day.

Since TV was introduced, TV shows have offered a wide range of entertainment for the public. Like some quiz programmes and music shows, people on TV gave impressions they were someone special, but those trends were already developed enough, and the public wanted another aspect of entertainment. Nowadays, reality TV shows and programmes that ordinary people participate in are very popular, because viewers easily feel the sympathy, empathy and familiarity towards them.

The point mentioned above might be advantages for the TV industry because their nature is to amplify the viewers’ rate, but there are drawbacks. The more popular those shows are, the more self-centered people become. Especially, the young generations are still immature mentally, so they are easily affected by those programmes. Young adults spend too much time following the programmes on social media, applying for those ones and creating their own self-image online.

TV shows are cheap entertainment in our daily life, so there is nothing wrong with those programmes, but if people intensify their appearances and the ways they speak or sing too much, they lose the balance of their lives. TV industry should recognise not only their popularity but also their responsibility.

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