The ethos of trust and duty of care

Japanese business start-up consultant

All of us globally face a difficult situation because of the Covid-19 virus, which has greatly affected our working style. I have already introduced the policy of working from home with good governance.

At the beginning, it was difficult to arrange working conditions, and maintain this system, evaluation and surveillance for the staff are essential, so a daily report and an online meeting are required on a daily basis, which will become a burden for some workers. However, I prioritise the trust and duty of care among staff, and now I manage it.

Our wellbeing is also important, because our social responsibility as a legal practitioner in current society is taken into account legally and morally more than in the past one.

The number of people dying with Covid-19 virus has been declining, and the UK vaccine programme seems working, but it is better to stay vigilant.

司法書士堀明子 – HORIakiko –
司法書士 / ビジネスコンサルタント / ライフ・コーチ
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer / Business consultant / Life coach
Tel: +81-(0)3-3249-1536

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