Report about the direction after leaving school in Japan.

Japanese business start-up consultant

The compulsory education in Japan terminates when young people finish their secondary school at the age of 15, and over 80% of them continue to study at high school for 3 more years. This tendency gives the impression that education at high school is quite common, so this report is based on the premise above.

Recent trend
Because of the recent decrease in childbirth, going to university in recent years is not as difficult as one in the past, so almost 60% of pupils who finish their high school education choose to go to university. This tendency shows Japan is a country that provides quite good standard of education for the young generation. The information of this rate can be seen on the ministry of education website ( Furthermore, roughly 10% of young adults keep studying for a master degree after their bachelor degree is completed.

Vocational career
On the other hand, the path of vocational career can still be possible in Japan. Those vocational experiences are generally found in a profession, such as medicine, the law, teaching, architecture, engineering and some others, where a professional qualification is required in addition to or instead of a degree. My Shiho-shoshi Lawyer qualification is one of vocational careers. Special licences funded by relevant ministries are well-recognised in society. It is difficult to collect all the information above at one source, but every ministry puts up their licensing information on their websites.

In conclusion, the mainstream of education in Japan is to go to university, but thanks to the various vocational tests and qualifications, a wide range of career paths for the young is widely available in Japan.

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