How do I choose an estate agent?

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When considering real property transaction, it is critical to identify a good estate agent. Initially, it is wise to have a personal recommendation, such as family, friends and colleagues. if there is someone reliable with enough knowledge about real property, it is useful to ask that person, too. In addition, collecting information from the internet is also effective nowadays.

In Japan, as to an estate agent’s license, there are two types of licenses: one is the license approved by the prefecture governor and the other is the license approved by The Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT).

The license approved by the prefecture governor is issued when the estate agent runs its business in one prefecture only. On the contrary, the license approved by MLIT is issued when they run its real property business across several prefectures.

There are brackets and numbers on their license number, which indicates the length of their working history. The license should be renewed every 5 years. When it is one in brackets, it means the agent has been running their business less than 5 years.

When a purchase agreement is formed, the brokerage fee for an estate agent is generally the sale price multiplied by 3% plus JPN 60,000 plus consumption tax of 10 %, but it might be negotiable.

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