The effects of mobile phones and other technological equipment for young children.

Japanese business start-up consultant

Firstly, the word “young children” has a wide meaning, so I would like to make it clear I mean the children between aged 5-10 group and 11-17 group.

Children aged 5-10 are still small, and it would be hard for them to decide what is right and wrong properly, so using their own mobile phone is not ideal in any circumstances unless under adults’ supervision. In addition, children’s eyesight might be badly affected by the blue light which is beamed by mobile phones. The physical health of children in this age group should come first.

Although the health issue mentioned above should be prioritised for the children whose age is 11 to 17, but they are growing physically and mentally, so using their own device to some extent is needed for their social development nowadays, because many children have their own mobile as their communication tool. Getting used to the technological equipment might be useful when they become old enough, because most of the current systems are set up by computers and technology.

All of us should take account of the balance between the modern lifestyle and recent innovations. Adults have a responsibility both for children’s wellbeing and their technological interaction, and a flexible approach for young children is worth considering.

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