The languages I speak

Japanese business start-up consultant

Since I moved to London in 2010, I have been learning English very hard. Under the Japanese educational system, I studied English for more than 8 years at school, but I hardly had a chance to speak English, so I hesitated to talk when I first came to London. Like many Japanese students, I was too shy to talk English, because I was so afraid of failure, and I think it is sort of psychological self defence. As a human being, I wanted to look good and be thought to be good. However, if that becomes my first priority, I believe I cannot make progress. Thus, I decided to dive into the British society.

In 2010, there were some organisations which supported migrants to integrate into society. Speaking a local language is essential to make a living, so English courses were provided in the organisation. The organisation was called Migrants Resource Centre, which later consolidated to another organisation, and later closed their operation. Now in 2021, Brexit is complete, and, in my sense, the British society is not as friendly for migrants as it used to be, so when I first came to London, I was lucky in a sort of serendipity.

Now I use English for my practice as a lawyer, but learning a language never stops. In addition, it makes me aware of using Japanese as well. The Japanese language is my first language, but explaining something for others to understand easily is not the same as speaking in our daily lives.

Empathy for others is also important for communication. Language is a tool of communication, and we are social creatures, so it is worth noting to learn new languages.

司法書士堀明子 – HORIakiko –
司法書士 / ビジネスコンサルタント / ライフ・コーチ
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer / Business consultant / Life coach
Tel: +81-(0)3-3249-1536

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