Changes in family life

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December, 2021 and January, 2022 has gone quickly, but so have the last two years in one sense. Since pandemic, time has passed with little to mark its passing. Going forward, 2020 and 2021 will be the years when our lives were reduced to staying well and getting by for most and, for many, illness and family loss. Everyone wants to get back to normal, but it might take time.

Talking about life, in the past 70 to 80 years, life in the family has significantly changed, because of mechanisation and individualism. The most important thing is that we should not be afraid of facing those problems and tackle towards constructing our better community, because this phenomenon allows women to pursue their career and to provide them financial freedom. In terms of financial independence and career paths for women in particular, advantages outweigh disadvantages.

In the past, housework and childcare were regarded as women’s work. There would be several siblings in their family, whose parents are father and mother. Mothers played an important role looking after children. Nowadays, house chores, such as washing clothes and dishes are done by machines, and that allows women to work independently. This tendency pushes the idea of individualism much harder.

The working environment creates burdens for people, who have to work for long hours and to take on huge responsibility, thus, many adults feel stressed, which causes mental problems. When they are stuck in their office, they are absent from home, so that many children stay at home alone, which makes them vulnerable. However, when adults raise the awareness and our local community supports them, the situation might improve in the near future.

In conclusion, we should not cling on to old traditions, because the thing we can do is to move forward, and there are social discrepancies in all ages. There is a bright side of a structural change of the family life.

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