Property for Sale in Japan and historical background of Japan

Did you know that…?
Japan is an archipelago where there are many small islands. However, four main islands, called Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku and Kyushu are main parts, and Tokyo, Japan’s capital city is located in Honshu.

Japan Hokkaido Honshu Shikoku Kyushu

Japanese people often regard people from Middle Eastern countries as exotic, but from the Middle Eastern and sometimes the Western point of view, we Japanese people might be an exotic race, because Japan is situated the Far East of Asia. When travelling from London by plane, it is about a 12 hours flight. Many friends of mine tell me that they dream of going to Japan one day, but it is too far, which reflects the high cost of its flight. In addition, some people incorrectly believe Japan is located inside China! I understand it, because Japanese people and Chinese people look very similar, but it is wrong. Geographically, China is a neighbouring country, and historically, the culture in China greatly influenced the one in Japan, but Japan has its own individual culture and religion. The Japanese main mythology was written in the Kojiki and Nihonshoki in 712 and 720 respectively. Both are very interesting to read, but to cut a long story short, both are like Greek mythology where there are many gods and goddesses. The god, named Izanagi no Mikoto and Goddess named Izanami no Mikoto produced islands, and those islands formed Japan. Tokyo became Japanese capital after the modern age. Until then, the south east area was the central stage of Japanese history.

If someone wants to know Japanese history, they can google it, and there are plenty of websites available. The Internet is a convenient tool to search nowadays. However, the information is rather one dimensional, and I want to add more features in this blog by adding the sequence of real property, which is in my professional field.

I have worked with many companies, estate agents and individuals for more than ten years as a Shishoshoshi lawyer. Those professional experiences are definitely my assets. Because of my business ethos, the most valuable networking is referral. The company below is named “YADOKARI Ltd,”, and I have liked their concept since I first knew them in 2015, because their vision is completely NEW in the real property industry, in particular. I understand real property is immovable property, thus, it is regulated by law, rules and even local common sense. However, their business always supports community spirit, which is definitely taken into account for the young generation! Our life expectancy is getting longer, and we might have to work even when we get older, because our financial situation is not as steady as it used to be. In my parents’ generation, when someone was hired by one company after their graduation, they worked the same company until they retired, and consequently, the company they worked for looked after their pension as well. Nowadays, changing a job horizontally is common. We have to think about our work-life-balance, and enjoy working with open-mindedness.

Finally, I would like to introduce one of their projects, called “Akiya-gateway” (空き家ゲートウェイ), whose concept is that they buy real property that is difficult to sell in the open market because of its condition, long neglect, disuse and so forth. After that, they clean, mend or repair the real property and sell it at a reasonable price. Their project represents a wise saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

The real property linked to below is located on Iki Island, which was said to be the fifth island that Izanagi no Mikoto and Izanami no Mikoto produced. It is a historical place and there are beautiful beach, historical shrines and even their original alcohol.
(The website is available only in Japanese.)

Without knowing the Japanese property market , nobody buys real property in Japan, but Japan is a beautiful exotic country. I would like to introduce their project whenever possible, and I look forward to hearing one of the viewers of this blog make an enquiry for real property in Japan one day.

The real property details;
Selling price / 5,800,000 Japanese YEN (Roughly equivalent UK£37,000, as of February, 2022)
Location / Ishidacho, Iki city, Iki island (30 minutes flight from Nagasaki airport)
Status / Second-hand property (Two-storey wooden building)
Ownership / Freehold
Land area / 555 square metre

I support many international entrepreneurs, whose countries are United Kingdom, United States, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia, India and more. I have expertise in real property, but my main work is as a business consultant, and I have organised business trips, property viewing and operation management, such as drafting contracts and creating minutes. I am not afraid of disclosing difficulties, exit plans and disadvantages. My ethos is to balance my life. I like to be a sole practitioner, because I want to be flexible at any type of projects, to get involved in it if an opportunity is allowed.