The way of achievement in equality in the workplace in Japan

Japanese business start-up consultant

Japan is the third largest economy according to the GDP statistics, but there is no real equality in the workplace, because a traditional standard still strongly exists in society. Women can take part in the business environment, in which a fair assessment should be encouraged.

The tradition that men work outside and women stay at home, looking after their husband and children still dominates for Japanese people. OECD statistics shows that only 14% of executives are women in Japan, and this figure is low, compared to other developed countries. Many equal opportunities for women in the workplace have been lost.

Recently, the government introduced the policy that women are encouraged to work, but the majority of women’s work is simple paperwork and office administration. To take the further step, a decent assessment is needed. For example, when a company evaluates the ability of its employees, names and genders should be hidden from an assessor, who should be a third-party organisation. Incentives such as subsidies and tax relaxation are also good options.

Every small step to achieve a fairer society should be appreciated. Women have been neglected in the business environment for so long, so starting from office administration is an effective trend, because every success departs from a single step. Existing female middle managers should be treated fairly by an impartial job assessment.

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