The ways sport can benefit people.

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Playing sport in a team rather than seeking to win as an individual is very much the same as living with others who have different opinions and ideas in society, because a great result can be achieved with co-operation, so sport is one of the ways to build community spirit. In addition, when players exert themselves while playing a game, so they feel refreshed and relaxed afterwards.

Sport is not only play but also education, because it needs a strategy to win comes from preparing before a game. When members talk about it, they exchange pros and cons about their tactics. After that, they try to win a game so as to achieve mutual success. While playing, they experiment with skills and build teamwork. Those efforts are essential in our everyday life in the community, so sport reflects our life.

Another benefit of sport is sweating and its effect on our body. Many people express that they feel better after doing sport, because some researches show that sweat contains negative substances, which release their stress, frustration and so forth through play. Although some people become aggressive to win, which is not an advantage, controlling their emotions is also a part of learning from sport.

Learning how to build community spirit is the best learning method sport can provide, because sporting experiences educate people how to collaborate with others by using practical skills and techniques. Releasing emotions is also a benefit of doing sport, but this contributes only one side of aspects in sport.

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