The effects of mobile phones

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Mobile phones are a useful tool to keep in contact with families and friends, and recently, there are various applications on smartphones to make the most of them. However, convenient equipment is a double-edged sword, and it is harmful and dangerous when children misuse this technology. Adults are responsible for how children use mobile phones, because that relates to the young generation’s future.

Research shows that more than 50% of young children, aged 13 to 16 own their mobile phones these days, and their mobile phones are highly likely to be smartphones. Those phones are bought by their parents, because many of them want to track their children’s whereabouts. Although it is possible to set up parental control, many children manage to access SNS and some inappropriate websites. Bullying on SNS is a current social problem.

As responsible adults, we should not dismiss issues above because children are future adults, so using this technology appropriately is a key for human progress. Dialogue is a conventional way where parents, teachers and professionals organise a workshop or a seminar in a public space, such as a library or a council hall. Creating awareness is also an effective way, for which handing out papers at a school gate is useful.

Society has been developing towards much advanced technology, so learning how to use a tool properly is inevitable. We should take into account advantages of this technology, because banning the young from owning mobile phones is not a solution. We should analyse what are the problems, and improvements for the better community must come first.

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