Doing business in TOKYO

Japan is a country that Secure, Safe Clean and Punctual, which are essential doing business.  In addition, Japan has a rich nature because of the humidity and people appreciate the nature and worship every nature.

In this year (2020), the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held.
Those living in Japan, those planning to do business and those visiting Japan from abroad are most welcome to take this advantage.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government promotes the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision
National Strategic Special Zone

1. Entrepreneurship/Employment
Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

2. Urban Revitalization
Development of international business centres
The building of a large underground bus terminal in front of Tokyo Station
The building of new stations near Toranomon and Shinagawa stations

3. Tourism
Relaxation of the Inns and Hotels Act
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Legal Advice for Business in Japan


How can I register my ownership of the property (Transfer of Ownership Registration) after conveyance?

You can register your ownership by submitting application forms to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau will take one or two weeks after submission.
After the procedures of the registration are completed, you can obtain the certificate of your ownership.

Anyone can take the certificate by paying a ¥600 fee.

You should attach to the application form:
the certificate that the seller creates,
the seller’s stamp certificate,
the Registration Settled Certificate (the proof of the ownership that can only be issued for the owner and it is never issued at a second time.)
your Residential Certificate.

This very strict procedure ensures the security of the property transaction.

The procedures for property registration are very strict and difficult to understand for most people, so that a national qualified professional, Shihoshoshi Lawyer conducts the registration procedures.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

How can I check and confirm rights relating to a particular land or building?

You can investigate property details by obtaining the certificate of registration for the property at the Legal Affairs Bureau.
The certificate can be issued quickly, about 10-20 minutes after submission of the application form, and the fee is ¥600.
The certificate is issued only in Japanese, unfortunately not in English.

The certificate of the registration (Registration History) includes details of the owner, mortgage and leasehold rights. The certificate of the registration (Registration History) describes previous transactions, such as the past owner, who conveyed the property to the present owner, the reason for the conveyance, such as purchase-and-sale, donation or inheritance.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

Is there a time limit on owning a property after purchase?

No. You can own a property permanently until you convey the property to someone else.

You can have a right of the ownership of Japanese property. There is no time limit to keeping ownership of the property.
You can also rent an office and a land. However, there is a time limit to the lease which depends on your contract.

When you have permanent ownership of a property your individual name, you are recommended to consider the legal provisions on inheritance.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

Japanese real property law

Most nations follow one of two main legal systems: Common Law (in the USA, Britain, Australia etc.) and Civil Law (in France, Germany, other European countries and Japan).

In the 19th century, Japan based its Civil Code on the legal codes of France and Germany, both Civil Law systems.

Although it can be jointly owned, Civil Law systems regard property as indivisible in theory, so a transaction transfers ownership completely or not at all. It makes no distinction between beneficial, legal or equitable titles, as does Common Law.

One analogy is that Civil Law treats property ownership as a box: whoever has the box, owns it. The owner can open the box and transfer the rights inside it to others, but still owns the box.

In Common Law, property ownership is like a cake. You can keep the whole cake or divide it into slices. Each slice represents a part of the ownership of the property, as there is division of ownership, not just the transfer of rights.

Professionals for the real property registration system in Japan

In Japan, registered Land and Building Investigators and Shihoshosi lawyers are experts about real property registration system.

Shihoshosi lawyers are responsible for preparing documents related to the registration of real property rights, such as ownership transfer and mortgage.

Registered Land and Building Investigators are responsible for preparing documents necessary for the property description aspect of real property registration such as registration of new construction and subdivision the land.

Flowchart for registration
1. Cause of registration (purchasing real property, inheritance, etc.)

2. Preparation for an application form

3. Submission of application form

4. Examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau

5. The receipt of registration certificate and registration completion certificate