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A Happy New Year in 2017

A fresh New Year has just started. I always think every day has a fresh start to it so that I don’t very much care about the New Year but I like the Japanese proverb “Decisions made on New Year’s Day are the key to a successful year.” What I think about on New Year’s …

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Regulation for Shihoshoshi Lawyer

Strict confidentiality is imposed on every Shihoshoshi Lawyer to protect the contents of consultations with and request by a client. The client is protected by many strict laws, Association Regulations and a Code of Ethics. If a Shihoshoshi Lawyer violates those rules, severe punishments, such as the suspension of qualification are imposed. The number of …

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Japanese property system Part 2

Japanese property law distinguishes between ownership rights and rights of possession. Ownership involves having the title to property. It includes the right to use and enjoy the property, provided no-one else has possession, and to dispose of it in accordance with the law. Ownership rights continue until the property is transferred or lost or as …

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