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3. Economy ~Indonesia Overview ~

Under the Yudhoyono regime, Indonesia showed stable economic growth and its economy expanded steadily. Since 2007 their economic growth has accelerated to over 6% annually. Looking at future directions for the Indonesian Economy, it is the nation’s most pressing and crucial problems involve infrastructure and industrial development in all areas, such as ports, airports, roads, …

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2. Politics ~Indonesia Overview ~

In recent years, Indonesia has strengthened its democratic system and Mr. Yudhoyono, who was the President of Indonesia from 2004 to 2014, was the first to be elected by direct election. Former President Yudhoyono restored security in throughout Indonesia, resolved the independence dispute problem, strengthened involvement in ASEAN and exerted a leadership role in Asia. …

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1. Introduction ~Indonesia Overview ~

Indonesia is friendly toward Japan, whose relationship with Indonesia is long-standing. The acceptance of foreign students and trainees and exchanges through various training programmes are both thriving. In recent years, not only national governments but local ones are keen to promote product exhibitions, tourist attractions, human resource exchanges and educational exchanges. According to a BBC …

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