Doing business in TOKYO

Japan is a country that Secure, Safe Clean and Punctual, which are essential doing business.  In addition, Japan has a rich nature because of the humidity and people appreciate the nature and worship every nature.

In this year (2020), the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics will be held.
Those living in Japan, those planning to do business and those visiting Japan from abroad are most welcome to take this advantage.

Tokyo Metropolitan Government promotes the “Global Financial City: Tokyo” Vision
National Strategic Special Zone

1. Entrepreneurship/Employment
Tokyo One-Stop Business Establishment Center
Tokyo Employment Consultation Center

2. Urban Revitalization
Development of international business centres
The building of a large underground bus terminal in front of Tokyo Station
The building of new stations near Toranomon and Shinagawa stations

3. Tourism
Relaxation of the Inns and Hotels Act
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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year 2018!

Very best wishes to all on New Year day. I hope today will bring you all joy and happiness.

We need to keep some part of our strength in reserve, to rely on if things get really difficult. Let’s try to keep our mind and body active, which is the best way to keep physically and mentally fit longer.

I have so many things to thank everyone I met for, things I experienced.

In 2018, I am still Shihoshoshi Lawyer and I want to help people to set up a legal entity or buy a property in Japan.

Akiko HORI

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A Happy New Year in 2017

A fresh New Year has just started.

I always think every day has a fresh start to it so that I don’t very much care about the New Year but I like the Japanese proverb “Decisions made on New Year’s Day are the key to a successful year.”

What I think about on New Year’s Day is the past.
I wonder what my life would have been if I hadn’t become a lawyer.

Many people applaud me because I am smart but I only graduated from Junior College (only a two year course) and when I entered the Junior College, I had only taken the interview, not a test paper.
When I was a high school student, I hated calculation and I only studied maths calculations, not written maths questions and passed just a little higher than the borderline.
Even when I become old enough, I failed the Financial Planner examination and I am still not good at multiplication.

All the time I was studying law, I strongly believed in myself, that I was good and I could make every effort to progress, and I inspired myself.

My confident idea is that:
Anybody can be discouraged.
Everybody has drawbacks.
Anybody can feel unhappy.
Nobody has any big differences from others.

When I use the words above, some people say I have anything and I look down ordinary people.
I feel a little sad when I hear something like that but I cannot blame them.
It is arrogant if I expect others to take account my thoughts.
All I can do is to look after myself and decide for myself.

It is more than enough if I am confident about my life and I do my best when making my decisions.

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Regulation for Shihoshoshi Lawyer

Strict confidentiality is imposed on every Shihoshoshi Lawyer to protect the contents of consultations with and request by a client.
The client is protected by many strict laws, Association Regulations and a Code of Ethics.
If a Shihoshoshi Lawyer violates those rules, severe punishments, such as the suspension of qualification are imposed.

The number of Shihoshoshi Lawyers in 2016 is about 22,000 across nation.
There is one Shihoshoshi Lawyer Association in each prefecture to supervise every Shihoshoshi Lawyer there.
A Shihoshoshi Lawyer belongs to the Shihoshoshi Lawyer Association in the prefecture where he or she has their own office.

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Legal Advice for Business in Japan

How to Buy a property in Japan

What is a Shihoshoshi Lawyer?

These are the national qualified professional, able to deal with company registration and real estate registration.

Registration of company involves many laws, such as the Companies Act, and real estate registration also involves many laws, such as the Civil Code.

The Shihoshoshi Lawyer is the national qualified lawyer specializing in those laws.

A Shihoshoshi Lawyer who is accredited to represent a client in summary court proceedings can be the client’s representative in a summary court.

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Legal Advice for Business in Japan

How to Buy a property in Japan

How can I register my ownership of the property (Transfer of Ownership Registration) after conveyance?

You can register your ownership by submitting application forms to the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Examination at the Legal Affairs Bureau will take one or two weeks after submission.
After the procedures of the registration are completed, you can obtain the certificate of your ownership.

Anyone can take the certificate by paying a ¥600 fee.

You should attach to the application form:
the certificate that the seller creates,
the seller’s stamp certificate,
the Registration Settled Certificate (the proof of the ownership that can only be issued for the owner and it is never issued at a second time.)
your Residential Certificate.

This very strict procedure ensures the security of the property transaction.

The procedures for property registration are very strict and difficult to understand for most people, so that a national qualified professional, Shihoshoshi Lawyer conducts the registration procedures.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

How can I check and confirm rights relating to a particular land or building?

You can investigate property details by obtaining the certificate of registration for the property at the Legal Affairs Bureau.
The certificate can be issued quickly, about 10-20 minutes after submission of the application form, and the fee is ¥600.
The certificate is issued only in Japanese, unfortunately not in English.

The certificate of the registration (Registration History) includes details of the owner, mortgage and leasehold rights. The certificate of the registration (Registration History) describes previous transactions, such as the past owner, who conveyed the property to the present owner, the reason for the conveyance, such as purchase-and-sale, donation or inheritance.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

Is there a time limit on owning a property after purchase?

No. You can own a property permanently until you convey the property to someone else.

You can have a right of the ownership of Japanese property. There is no time limit to keeping ownership of the property.
You can also rent an office and a land. However, there is a time limit to the lease which depends on your contract.

When you have permanent ownership of a property your individual name, you are recommended to consider the legal provisions on inheritance.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

Can a non-Japanese person or non-Japanese entity buy a property in Japan?

When buying a property in Japan, there is no limitation about nationality.

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How to Buy a property in Japan

What are the benefits when a Shihoshoshi Lawyer undertakes the procedure of forming the company?

There are many benefits in asking a Shihoshoshi Lawyer to help to set up a company.

– To create the Articles of Incorporation smoothly.
– To act in the authentication of Articles of Incorporation and establishing the registration of a company.
– To advise about the proper implementation of the chosen investment method.
– To do a legal check on an agreement of an office rental and various business agreements because of their extensive legal knowledge.
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about the acquisition of visa. 1)
– To introduce an appropriate professional to advise about various tax office and social insurance office authorizations.

When you delegate to a Shihoshoshi Lawyer by a comprehensive Power of Attorney, that Shihoshoshi Lawyer can act for you in all legal procedures, such as an contract to rent an office, to acquire a visa and in various submissions about setting up a company to administrative agencies.

When you start a business in Japan, a Shihoshoshi Lawyer, the national qualified professional will support you fully.

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