Purchase price by the recorded dimensions and by the determined boundary dimensions

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In relation to boundaries, a buyer might expect to encounter an Important Disclosure Statement. The Important Disclosure Statement is the legal document that shows all the dimensions of the land that the buyer is buying.

The description on the Indication of Land listed on the cadastre (address, lot number, land classification and acreage) at the Legal Affairs Bureau must be accurate but accurate surveying techniques were not available in 1873-1881. Modern standards of land surveying arrived much later.

Accurate land surveying would have been expensive and the estate agent in charge may sell the buyer real property with a description of the dimensions on cadastre at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

However, the estate agent has a legal obligation to investigate the boundary, which includes to check boundary markers at the place where the real property is located, and make the boundary clear to the buyer before concluding a sales agreement.

If the fact that it is impossible to make it clear by the date is stated, the estate agent should provide the necessary advice.

In the case above, there are 2 options for the buyer.

One is that you draw a conclusion based on the price and dimensions stated on the record.

Another option is to pay the price tentatively at a time of conveyance and hold a survey at the cost of the seller or the buyer, and settle the difference in price between the areas. As the buyer, you can insist the seller should apply for the determined boundary, but the seller might decide not to sell the property.

In general, forest land and farmland are sold by the recorded dimensions as it is too large and too expensive for surveying but even residential land for sale may be sold by the recorded dimensions.

The first thing to recognise is that the transaction may contain a recorded description of the dimensions of the land.

I believe that a good lawyer should listen and give you clear information (verbal and written) to prevent the trouble from happening.


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