My view of human bonding and education

Japanese business start-up consultant

Children are the future adults who will sustain the economy and society, and they need to learn love, empathy, patience but because of their age, there are many things to learn in reality, and spending their time in various places would be good experiences for them. Importantly, the loving family relationship is fundamental, and building up the networking with other people comes second.

Firstly, human bonding is most important for human beings because we are social creatures. Statistically, when children feel secure in their young ages at home, they can be persistent and strive for anything after they become adults. This is because the security in their mind keeps them motivated and confronts any challenging situation they might encounter.

However, children are easily spoiled among family members, because the place is too comfortable and relaxing. They have to be independent mentally and physically, and that is the social responsibility for adults. An event in our daily life is not always welcoming and an unexpected matter happens often. Their time in nurseries or pre-schools is ideal for preparing them for this as there are many peers, who have different ideas, outlooks and customs.

As a conclusion, balancing between a warm family atmosphere and the community environment is critical because it supports children’s internal development and communication skills. A family should look after their children to build up their trust, and secondly disciplines are needed to learn events that happen in the actual world.

司法書士堀明子 – HORIakiko –
司法書士 / ビジネスコンサルタント / ライフ・コーチ
Shiho-shoshi Lawyer / Business consultant / Life coach

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