Please keep “Information for registration identification” (登記識別情報) safe.

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Occasionally, people who cannot find their “Information for registration identification” are asking how they restore the document.

Information for registration identification is an important document that proves you have the ownership of the real property.
Unfortunately, it is not reissued at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

If there is a risk of theft, there is a procedure of invalidating the PIN code to let the Legal Affairs Bureau know.
However, even after invalidating the PIN code, Information for registration identification is not reissued. That is the system of Japan.

If the document are not found, strict identity verification is required when selling the real property, and the lawyer in charge of the sale will handle it to prove your identity, which normally incur an additional cost. The amount of the cost depends on the lawyer.

One of the best ways to store documents is at home in a safe or file box. If you don’t know which one is an important document, asking in person is the best thing to do.

I hope the information is useful.
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Japanese business start-up consultant
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